How to Conduct a Director Board Review

When the board conducts a director review it is essential to conduct it right. The process should not only be timely and transparent, but it should help the board to understand what its strengths and weaknesses are so it can improve its performance, and thus the performance of the company.

Measuring the performance of individual directors can be challenging. The chair’s performance on the board has a great impact on other directors. It can be difficult to compare boards due to the differences in strategy and company cycles as well as director refreshment policies.

A director board review can take various forms and the manner that a review is conducted will determine the degree of honesty that feedback will be. Some evaluations are informal, like Related Site asking other directors for their opinions, while others are structured, involving interviews with fellow directors, SIDs, CEOs chairpersons of committees, as well as the Company Secretary. The review can include observations made by the Chairman during board meetings, focusing on factors like the degree of participation in the board, information sharing, and the sharing of discussions.

It’s usually beneficial to hire an external facilitator who is skilled in conducting these reviews – their neutrality can add discipline and impartiality to the process. The most important thing is to begin the process by defining the objectives for the review and defining its scope. Once that’s done, the next step is to create the plan to evaluate the board and gather insight from stakeholders. This could involve the distribution of questionnaires and interviews, document reviews or using board meeting management software.